Covid-19 & Influenza Phone Message Update




Who can get the COVID-19 Vaccine? 

(Main Option 1 on the Surgery Phone Message Menu from 08/05/21)

The NHS is offering the COVID-19 Vaccine to people most at risk.

Currently, that includes all individuals:

  • Aged 40 & above
  • (or if you’ll turn 40 before 01/07/21)
  • Those aged 16 and above of higher risk who were previously shielded & have not yet been vaccinated or
  • All those mentioned above who have only been given their first dose.

Once you are eligible, you can access the NHS Website, the NHS App or the link on our surgery website to

  • Book both appointments at the same time or
  • Get the second dose 11-12 weeks after getting your first dose

Please see the NHS website or the Practice Website (below) for details.


Where can you get Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

(Main Option 2 on the Surgery Phone Message Menu from 08/05/21)

Those individuals who have internet access can book appointments at the following 3 locations:

  • Larger Vaccination Centers Nationally, or at
  • A local NHS Vaccination Hub, or via
  • A local Pharmacy offering the COVID-19 Vaccine

With online or smart phone access, there are 3 routes at your disposal:

Only those eligible individuals who do not have internet access have to wait to be invited:

  • In writing from NHS England or
  • Contacted via their home phone by their local Surgery.

N.B.  Vaccinations are just another tool to help prevent the spread of Viruses:

  • Hand washing
  • Wearing masks
  • Social distancing and
  • Staying away from crowded, under-ventilated areas

are still very important ways to help prevent transmission of several Communicable Diseases, including

  • Influenza or
  • Any strain of Coronavirus.

Click here for videos to illustrate these points


General Covid-19 Vaccination information

Covid-19 vaccinations for our patients are being provided from Rochester Healthy Living Centre or Lordswood Healthy Living Centre.  There will be home visits for housebound patients.

Please read the questions and answers below about our local vaccination service.  


Which priority group are you currently inviting?

As of 25/01/2021 we have been inviting:

  • All those 70 years of age and over
  • Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Individuals > 16 years of age (not including Pregnant Women)  i.e.  Shielded Patients.  

How are you contacting people to invite them for a vaccine?

Vaccine clinics will contact patients either via text or phone.

The text message will originate from Riverside Medical Practice (see the up to date phone message quote above for details).

Please only contact the surgery if you have been contacted and are unable to book or need assistance.

If I cannot attend an appointment what should I do?

If you have received and accepted an invitation for a Covid-19 vaccine we would strongly encourage you to prioritise coming to the appointment. If for unavoidable reasons you cannot make it please email us using our secure online form. Remember: Our phone lines are very busy. Please help us to keep lines open for people needing to make appointments for other health matters.


Is there transport available for getting to the vaccine clinic?

We would ask that anyone who does not have their own transport tries to arrange a lift with a friend or relative.

Thank you for your cooperation during these challenging times.

Published: May 8, 2021